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The Suits Of Luck game by Dicelab brings high-stakes excitement directly to your screen, combining a classic card game ambiance with a modern tech twist. Housed by Shazam Casino, this game immerses you in an environment reminiscent of the best casino floors in Las Vegas. Adorned with crystal clear graphics and ambient casino sounds, it presents players with a classy, visually immersive experience that never disappoints. The theme, seeped in elegance, capitalizes on the four card suits - Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades, which hold center-stage, adding allure and appeal to the game. With a beautiful background of the plush gaming table, the interface inspires players to test their luck in this thrilling card-themed game.


The gameplay of Suits Of Luck is straightforward yet gripping, adhering to Dicelab's principle of user-friendly design. The game is based upon a unique amalgamation of card games and dice games with the common rules of dice being slightly adjusted to accommodate the four suits. The game begins with you placing a bet on one, several, or all the available suits. The dealer then rolls three dice, each adorned with carefully etched card suits instead of numbers. If the suits you bet on appear on any of the dice, you win the round, with your payout determined by the odds you took on your bet. The ability to place multiple bets gives an innovative degree of freedom to the players, thereby enhancing the gameplay experience.

Bonus Features

Suits Of Luck thrives on not just its spirited gameplay but also its enticing bonus features:

  • Free Rolls: Occasional free rolls are offered during gameplay, giving players the opportunity to increase their winnings without any additional investment.
  • Multipliers: This game includes multiple odd multipliers that can significantly boost the payout, adding an extra bonus layer to the gameplay.
  • Bonus Wheel: A bonus wheel gets activated randomly during the game. Spinning this wheel can bring additional profits, multiplying your earnings substantially.

These bonus features not only provide a richer gaming experience but also offer more opportunities for players to win.


To wrap up, Suits Of Luck by Dicelab hosted by Shazam Casino is an engaging game that blends the charm of classic card games with the thrill of dice games. It presents a sophisticated theme and user-friendly gameplay, ensuring a seamless and immensely enjoyable gaming journey. With an array of bonus features to take advantage of, players stand an excellent chance to walk away with hefty winnings. Whether you're a seasoned online gamer or new to the world of online casino games, Suits Of Luck offers an exhilarating experience worth checking out. Roll the dice, take a chance on the suits, and you just might be walking away with an overflowing pot of gold.

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