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Honey Money Multiplier

Presented by Dicelab, Honey Money Multiplier is a delightful online casino game offered by Shazam Casino. It is a perfect amalgamation of vibrant graphics, thrilling game rules, and plenty of bonus features. Let's dive into the detailed review of this spectacular game that can transform a regular day into an exciting gaming experience.


True to its name, Honey Money Multiplier introduces a captivating interface inspired by the tantalising world of honeybees. The game features a striking design illuminated with bright colours promoting an energetic ambience prevalent in a bustling hive of bees. Dicelab has successfully created a charming world packed with beautiful flowers and adorable worker bees collecting honey. Their hard work eventually invigorates into massive payouts for the players.


The Honey Money Multiplier casino game has a straightforward, user-friendly interface that is extremely inviting even towards novice players. The rules are uncomplicated: simply spin the reels and land on a winning combination of symbols.

The main grid of this video slot game comprises five reels and three rows. Upon your spin, if the honey-laden symbols appear in the right combination, you earn your sweet rewards. Customising your bets is a breeze, thanks to the responsive controls allowing adjustments as per your gaming strategy. The combination of high-definition graphics and fascinating sound effects offer an immersive playing experience that will keep you hooked on this game for hours.

Bonus Features

Honey Money Multiplier offers a plethora of enticing bonus features that greatly enhance the overall gaming experience and boost your potential winnings. Some of these bonus features include:

  • Wild Symbol: Depicted by a worker bee, the wild symbol in this game can replace other symbols to create a winning pay line. It significantly increases your odds of achieving a payout.
  • Scatter Honey Jar: Landing on this symbol can trigger free spins which give you the chance to earn winnings without staking additional money.
  • Multiplier Honey Pot: This exciting feature multiplies your winnings up to five times. Once you land on this multi-coloured symbol, your heart will surely race as your earnings rise rapidly!

The game’s most alluring aspect though, is its progressive jackpot, which promises exceptional payouts, taking your online casino gaming sessions to the next level.


Honey Money Multiplier provided by Dicelab and available at the Shazam Casino is a lucrative and thoroughly enjoyable online slot game. Its cheerful theme, simple functionality, and an abundance of bonus features make it a must-try game for all casino game enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned player or venturing into the world of online casino games for the first time, Honey Money Multiplier promises an entertaining and exciting gaming experience.

So explore the honey-laden world of Honey Money Multiplier, collect your sweet rewards, and let the buzz of potential big wins keep you entertained at the Shazam Casino!

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