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The Wealthy Fruits game from DiceLab, available at Shazam Casino, is marked by its rich and colorful theme echoing the opulence of lush and ripe fruits. This game is an expression of the allure of luxury as it engulfs players into a world of affluence displaying a fruit-like color palette, composed of resplendent reds, opulent oranges, and gleaming greens. The fantastic graphical interface reflects the quintessential DiceLab charm, with aesthetics that are not only pleasing to the eye but also designed to fully immerse players into the game's atmosphere. The theme gives weight to the metaphor of fruitful winnings, making it an engaging experience for players chasing big wins.


Wealthy Fruits presents abundant opportunities for players to land substantial payouts, with a gameplay environment that fosters thrill and excitement. This game typically follows the pattern of most slot machine games, but with a distinct slant towards the delightful dice mechanism that DiceLab is renowned for. The dice add a unique twist to the gameplay, giving players the delightful blend of luck and strategy. The rules are easy to follow, especially for slot game veterans, making it an appealing option for both new and seasoned players. The delightful blend of traditional and innovative play elements elevates the gaming experience for all participants.

  • The Wealthy Fruits game features a five-reel slot set up with an engaging interactive interface.
  • It provides players with multiple pay-line options which significantly increases the chances of securing big wins.
  • Each spin brings with it the possibility of landing on a variety of symbols, all carrying different value levels contributing to the overall winnings.
  • There are high-value symbols such as Watermelons, Grapes, and Lucky Seven’s along with some lower-value symbols such as Plums, Oranges, and Lemons.
  • The gameplay includes a "Wild" and a "Scatter" feature to further heighten the sense of anticipation and excitement.

Bonus Features

The Wealthy Fruits game from DiceLab adds more excitement to the gameplay with its captivating bonus features. It possesses a "Free Spins" and a "Gamble" option that not only pique the players' interest but also give them the chance to boost their winnings considerably:

The "Free Spins" feature in Wealthy Fruits is activated by landing on the Scatter symbols in the game. Secure three or more of these, and you’re eligible for a round of free spins. This is an attractive bonus feature as it lends players the chance to increase their winnings without having to spend any additional funds.

Next, there's the "Gamble" option, a unique feature in many DiceLab games. This feature gives brave players the opportunity to double their winnings. After every successful spin, players get a chance to guess the color of the next card drawn. A correct guess doubles their winnings while a wrong guess leads to a forfeit. It adds an interesting layer of risk and reward into the gameplay making every win filled with suspense and thrill.


The Wealthy Fruits game from DiceLab, available at Shazam Casino, is a stellar offering that beautifully marries visually pleasing graphics with exciting gameplay and rewarding bonuses. It successfully captures the attention of the player through its lush fruit-themed setting, engaging dice mechanism, and lucrative bonus features. With an intuitive layout, opulent theme, and suspense-filled bonus rounds, Wealthy Fruits provides an engaging and interactive gaming experience that will draw in both novice and veteran players. As the adage suggests – With Wealthy Fruits, you're not just playing a game; you're harvesting the fruits of potential rich winnings.

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