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The Top Card Trumps game by Betsoft, available at Shazam Casino, brings the passion and heat of a real casino right to your device. It takes you on a thrilling journey by feeding your gambling spirit with a taste of a classic card game. Its sleek, stylish, and beautifully designed interface grants it a unique appeal that speaks volumes to both novice and seasoned online gamers.

This game sports a simple yet clean design, making it easy for players of different skill levels to understand. It strikes a balance between sophistication, displaying a green felt card table, deck of cards, and chips - visual cues concisely indicating that it's all about card gaming. This game successfully portrays a real casino atmosphere by incorporating elements of charm and elegance, staying true to Betsoft's commitment to high-quality visual presentations.


Top Card Trumps, also known as Casino War, is easy to learn because it leans on the simple concept of High Card. The game starts with each player, including the dealer, being dealt a single card. The player with the highest card wins. In the event of a tie, the player can either opt to 'Go to War' or 'Surrender'. Choosing to go to war means you'll have to raise your stake, after which you and the dealer will each draw another card. The person with the highest card in this scenario wins and takes all the stakes.

In accordance with other Betsoft games, Top Card Trumps allows for a wide range of bets, from low to high, catering to players with varying betting risk thresholds. The gameplay experience is further enhanced by the responsive user interface, smooth animations, and immersive sound effects, all tailored to imbue the feeling of being at a real-life casino.

Bonus Features

  • Go to War: In case of a tie, you can choose to "Go to War" with the dealer. Upon raising your stakes, you and the dealer each obtain another card. The individual with the highest card wins. If you win, your wager is returned, whereas if the dealer wins, they keep your wager.
  • Surrender: If you do not wish to wage war, you can opt to "Surrender". By doing so, you forfeit half of your stake to the dealer.
  • Aces are High: In Top Card Trumps, Aces are always considered high, providing a nice twist to the gameplay.


Top Card Trumps game by Betsoft is a worth-trying title for all card game enthusiasts. Its simplicity leads to easy understanding and gripping gameplay, making it a fantastic choice for beginners in online casinos. The Go to War and Surrender features add a captivating strategic layer, inviting players to weigh their chances and make thrilling decisions.

The fact that it is accessible at the acclaimed Shazam Casino amplifies its appeal. The casino's robust security, impressive support, and swift transactions guarantee an enjoyable and hassle-free gaming experience. Overall, Top Card Trumps stands as a testament to Betsoft's capabilities in designing online casino games that merge aesthetics with entertaining gameplay and handsome payoffs.

Whether you're a regular at online casinos or just a casual gamer looking for some fun, Top Card Trumps never fails to deliver on excitement. So, dive in, place your bets, and get ready for a whirlwind of thrilling gaming action.

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