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Step into the glamorous and decadent era of ancient Rome with the Caesars Treasure game offered by Urgent Games. The game is hosted on the Shazam Casino platform, ensuring that serious and casual gamers alike will enjoy the immersive environment, rich graphics, and riveting historical context. The game transports players to the opulent palace halls of Roman emperor Caesar, laden with gold, jewels and abundant formats for earning high scores and jackpots.

The main screen design revolves around majestic marble pillars, Roman frescoes and vaulted ceilings of Caesar's palace. The symbol imagery includes laurel wreaths, chariots, Roman armor, gold coins and of course, Emperor Caesar himself. These rich symbols are charged with historical value, adding another layer of fascination to the gameplay apart from the obvious allure of the potential winnings.


In alignment with other successful game offerings from Urgent Games, the Caesars Treasure game is user-friendly with easy to grasp game rules. The game features a classic 5-reel slot format. Players can increase their winning prospects by obtaining symbol combinations across multiple pay lines.

The Caesar symbol acts as the wild and can replace any symbol other than the scatter symbol to create winning combinations. With the emphasis on providing fun and intrigue, the Caesars Treasure game ensures players are actively engaged with intriguing visuals, catchy soundtracks and smoothly running gameplay.

Bonus Features

Without a doubt, one of the most appealing aspects of the Caesars Treasure game is its bountiful bonus features. A quick look into some of these features:

  • The Gold Coin scatter symbol not only pays in any position but also triggers the Free Games feature - earning you up to 15 free games with tripled prizes!
  • If the Caesar symbol appears anywhere during free games, it adds up to five extra free games.
  • The randomly triggered Progressive Jackpot adds an extra layer of excitement. This feature can be triggered at any time, providing the excitement of a potential windfall when you are least expecting it!

These bonus features make the journey through ancient Rome even more enticing, promising not just exciting gameplay but also high rewards.


The Caesars Treasure game by Urgent Games on Shazam Casino stands out as a premier casino game that promises excellent entertainment and potentially high rewards. The theme's historical accuracy coupled with the elegant design makes for a visually delightful gaming experience. The user-friendly gameplay ensures both beginners and experienced players can dive right in and enjoy the game. With its lucrative bonus features, players have multiple opportunities to win big.

Whether you are an avid history buff or enjoy a game filled with suspense and potential for high winnings, Caesars Treasure ensures an engaging and entertaining gaming experience. Experience the thrill of marching with the Roman legions, revel in the opulence of being in Caesar's court, and bask in the glory of potential treasure winnings. This game truly lives up to the fame that Urgent Games and Shazam Casino have built over the years.

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