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Escape into a planetary voyage with Captain Keno, a well-crafted online casino game by Saucify. Voyage through the celestial landscape, navigating the star-studded backdrop as you dive into this game of numbers. Presented at the prestigious Shazam Casino, this keno game invites you for a thrilling interstellar adventure where fortunes can be won.

Captain Keno game is designed with an astronaut-themed visual aesthetics. The vibrant graphics perfectly correspond to this adventurous theme. You are welcomed by a smartly dressed astronaut-Captain who sits in a spaceship with a control board in hand, ready for a star-sprinkled journey – a journey of winning number combinations. The vivid colors used in the game's theme are reminiscent of space-station controls and deep-space ships, enhancing the game's overall appeal.


Navigating through the stars on the hunt for winnings may sound intimidating at first, but fret not. Captain Keno, much like any traditional keno game, is relatively easy to understand and play. The game board consists of 80 numbers. You are allowed to pick up to 15 numbers from the grid. Once the numbers are picked, the spaceship releases 20 random numbers.

If the random numbers match your chosen numbers, you win! The more numbers you match, the bigger your payout. However, in this cosmic rendition, the Captain himself plays a decisive bonus role, which gives the game an entertaining twist.

Bonus Features

An exciting aspect of the Captain Keno game is the bonus feature aided by the charming Captain himself. Here's how it works:

  • Before the game starts, the Captain selects two random numbers.
  • If these numbers are in your picks, and they happen to be part of the 20 random numbers drawn, your winnings will be quadrupled!
  • This unique feature does not just add another layer to the gameplay but significantly enhances the winning potential, making the game even more enticing.


On the whole, the Captain Keno game, brought to you by Saucify, offers a refreshing take on the traditional keno game. The game's space-theme coupled with the Captain's bonus feature makes it not just a number game but an adventurous journey into the cosmos.

Whether you're a novice player or a seasoned gamer, Captain Keno is sure to cater to your gaming taste buds. Apart from offering an exciting gameplay, the game also promises a fair and secure gaming environment, attributing to the solid reputation of Shazam Casino.

So fasten your seat belts and get ready for an exhilarating space journey with Captain Keno, where the depths of the cosmos hold within them the priceless treasure of winnings. Let the stars guide you in this extra-terrestrial adventure of luck and strategy.

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