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Cast for Cash is an exciting online scratch type casino game developed by Rival. The game is part of Shazam Casino's wide array of enthralling and highly entertaining online casino games. The theme of this game is based on the fun and refreshing concept of fishing, with eye-catching visuals that depict an underwater world teeming with rewarding fish and treasures. The splendid graphics and aquatic sounds of the Cast for Cash game create an immersive and tranquil gaming experience for players. The fun-filled animations and well-crafted interface add to the overall appeal of this Rival masterpiece.


The Cast for Cash game makes gamblers try their luck and skill in a different way than your traditional slot or card games. Unlike other casino games, this game doesn’t involve spinning reels or dealing cards but scratching off panels. Players have to purchase a ticket and scratch off the opaque to reveal the symbols.

The goal of the game is to match symbols from a selection of whimsically designed characters. An array of unique marine creatures and objects including a fish, a crab, a seahorse, a lobster, a treasure chest, a ship, a starfish, and an octopus make up the symbols found in the game. When playing, the players' goal is to match any of three symbols to win a prize with each symbol holding a different value for a win.

Bonus Features

Cast for Cash comes loaded with attractive bonus features which make the gameplay even more exciting. However, the game's primary focus is its simplicity, which makes it suitable and enjoyable for both beginner and seasoned players. Here are some key bonus features:

  • Instant win: Players have the opportunity to win instantly, without needing to wait for a draw. The potential win amount is displayed on each ticket, making it easy for players to determine their potential winnings.
  • Match Three: The Match Three feature is one of the game's best. By revealing three similar marine-themed symbols, players can win up to a whopping 50 times their initial bet.
  • Multiplier bonuses: The game features multipliers that can boost your winnings. The multiplier you receive depends on the symbol you uncover - the more rare and valuable the symbol, the higher the multiplier.


Whether you're a novice gambler or a veteran player, you'll find the Cast for Cash game to be an entertaining and engaging offering. This game is an exciting deviation from the usual slots or card games. Its underwater theme is refreshing, providing a tranquil backdrop while offering enough excitement with its interesting gameplay and bonus features. Cast for Cash excels in its simplicity, making it easily accessible for players of all skill levels.

Overall, provided by Rival and available at Shazam Casino, the Cast for Cash game strikes a perfect balance between simplicity, entertainment, and potential for big wins, enticing players to keep coming back for more. Roll up your sleeves, grab your fishing rod, and get ready to delve deep into the rewarding underwater world offered by Cast for Cash.

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