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The 'Griffins Riches' game takes players on a mythical quest where they confront regal griffins and intriguing treasures in every corner. This game's theme leans into the fantasy genre, integrating magical elements into each aspect of the game. The immersive music and stunning graphics, complemented by the captivating backstory of the griffins guarding their wealth, offers players a highly aesthetic gaming encounter. Every symbol adorning the reels is exceptionally thought out, reflecting DiceLab's meticulous attention to detail and desire to provide an immersive gaming experience.


One cannot overlook the enthralling gameplay offered by 'Griffins Riches', which is of paramount importance for any slot game. The game boasts five reels and a whopping 20 pay-lines, providing players with numerous possibilities to land winning combinations. A distinct feature of this game includes the unique reel layout and mechanics, confirming DiceLab's innovative stride in creating fruitful experiences for players. The betting range is wide and generous, rendering it suitable for both newcomers and high-rollers. Hence any participant in the game at Shazam Casino can seize copious opportunities for lucrative winnings.

Bonus Features

The distinctive features of 'Griffins Riches' don't end with its gameplay. The game is abundant with bonus features that enhance potential rewards. Some of the key highlights include:

  • Wild Symbol: In this game, the Griffin itself acts as the wild symbol. It can replace all other elements on the reels, creating winning combinations more frequently.
  • Scatter Symbol: The Golden Egg symbol signifies the scatter symbol. Collecting three or more scatter symbols across the reels will trigger the Free Spins mode, offering you an opportunity to stack up more winnings without staking any amount.
  • Multipliers: These are represented by treasure chests that reveal different multiplier values. It's an exhilarating add-on that can significantly amplify your winnings during the bonus round.


In conclusion, the 'Griffins Riches' game at Shazam Casino, created by DiceLab, is an intriguing odyssey into a mythical realm. It offers players an amalgamation of high-quality graphics, riveting gameplay, and lucrative bonus features, focal to the DiceLab promise. The game not only delivers exhilarating engagements but also brings potential for substantial rewards. This mythical journey to the griffin's treasure hoard is well-worth engaging with for any casino game enthusiast. Experience the mighty griffin's world and partake in their riches with this fabulous game!

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