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Shazam Casino, an online betting platform committed to offering impressive gaming experiences, features the Olympus game from Genesis. Genesis has always been known for its high-quality casino games, and Olympus is no exception.


Olympus is an intriguing game set in the fascinating world of Greek mythology. The game transports players straight into the divine abode of the ancient gods. Imagine yourself among the Pantheon with symbols inspired by popular Greek gods like Poseidon, Hades, and Ares.

The divine graphical design, along with the mesmerizing visuals, sets the mood for the game. The game's backdrop is captivating, showcasing the majestic and ethereal features of Mount Olympus. The overall design is complemented by an enthralling soundtrack that takes the gaming experience to a whole new level. Olympus draws fans of mythical tales and slots into a rewarding gambling journey.


The Olympus game by Genesis is a 5-reel video slot game offering 20 possible paylines. The vast number of paylines increases your chances of winning, making it an excellent choice for players of all skill levels.

Each symbol holds a unique value, with different Greek gods offering varying rewards. It's recommended that you familiarize yourself with the game's paytable to make the most informed betting decisions. The game controls are very intuitive, so even if you're a newcomer, you'll be casting your bet like a pro in no time. This game is perfect for both high-rollers and those who prefer to stick to a budget.

Bonus Features

In addition to the stunning design and captivating gameplay, Olympus also offers exciting bonus features. Let's explore the key ones below:

  • Free Spins: If three or more scatter symbols land on the reels, the Free Spin round is activated. The more scatter symbols you land, the more Free Spins you earn.
  • Multipliers: A unique feature of Olympus is the presence of multipliers. In the Free Spin rounds, any win can expose a godly multiplier boosting your win significantly.
  • Wilds: The wild symbol can substitute any other symbol except scatters to form winning combinations, thus increasing your chances of a payout.


Olympus by Genesis seamlessly blends Ancient Greek mythology with contemporary slot gaming experiences. This game offers players an epic journey into the heavenly realm of the gods while providing the opportunity for fantastic wins. With its appealing visual effects, captivating theme, intuitive gameplay, and rewarding bonus features, Olympus is a game worth trying, especially if you are fascinated with Greek mythology.

Test your luck in the ethereal world of Olympus available at Shazam Casino. Who knows, perhaps the gods will flag you in their favor!

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