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The Scratch Alpaca Silver game presented by renowned provider Bgaming boasts an enriching Andean plateau theme with fun-loving alpacas as the centrepiece. As the title suggests, the main goal of the game is to scratch and unveil silver treasures hidden behind these charming creatures. The design elements are simple yet attractive, leveraging the allure of silver riches and the charm of this unusual animal from the South American highlands. The graphics and sound design reflect this theme brilliantly, presenting players with a unique and immersive gaming experience. Tantalize your senses with the rustic aura of Andean landscapes while you brush up your luck with dynamic symbols and thrilling sound effects.


The Scratch Alpaca Silver game follows a straightforward gameplay mechanic. Players purchase a card, then scratch off the silver layer to reveal the hidden symbols beneath. The game involves nine concealed symbols or 'spots', and the player needs to uncover three matching ones to secure a win. This game, though easy to comprehend, offers an engaging experience with the surprising factor at every scratch. It's ideal for both newcomers and experienced players at Shazam Casino.

  • Easy-To-Use Interface: Bgaming stays true to its user-friendly approach with an easy-to-use interface. Between the card purchasing options and retrieving winnings, icons are clear and easy to identify, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. Any guidance needed is neatly presented and only a simple click away.
  • Customization Options: The game provides customizing functionalities that allow players to adjust sound settings and other parameters to align with their preferences.
  • Auto Scratch Feature: For players who are not keen on the thrill of scratching manually, there's an auto scratch option that quickly reveals the hidden symbols.

Bonus Features

While Scratch Alpaca Silver might seem like a simple game, it doesn't lack in rewarding features. Don't underestimate these fluffy alpacas as they have plenty of silver treasures.

The most notable bonus feature is the 'Scratch All' function that allows players to reveal all symbols simultaneously. With just a click, you can instantly know if you've secured the combo and won the prize. This feature quickens up gameplay, especially for those in a hurry to claim their silver.

Another exciting feature is the multiplier function. This feature multiples your winnings, maximizing the potential rewards from your matches. Bgaming has ensured to deck out Scratch Alpaca Silver with enough hidden silver treasures to keep you scratching and winning!


Scratch Alpaca Silver stands out among other online scratch games due to its extraordinary theme, uncomplicated gameplay, and valuable bonus features. Bgaming has managed to encapsulate entertainment and benefits in one fun-packed game. The charm of the alpaca leads you right into the thrill of the silver hunt, providing an immersive and rewarding online gaming experience. Bgaming's reputation for producing top-tier, alongside Shazam Casino's renowned gaming environment, make Scratch Alpaca Silver an unmissable opportunity for gaming enthusiasts.

Whether you are an experienced gambler seeking some light fun or a newcomer looking to get acclimated with online casino games, Scratch Alpaca Silver provides the perfect blend of simplicity, thrill, and potential winnings. Unleash your luck while scratching your way towards a silver fortune and enjoy every moment with the remarkable features of Scratch Alpaca Silver!

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