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The Seotda game by CQ9, available on Shazam Casino, features a unique, classic Asian theme that pays homage to the traditional South Korean card game, Hwatu. Inspired by rich Asian art, the game's graphics boast high-definition imagery, bright, bold colors, and authentic symbols, creating an immersive gaming atmosphere that captivates players right from the start. The subtlety and sophistication of the theme are complemented by an oriental soundtrack, amplifying the overall gaming experience. Dive into an engaging blend of modern gaming technology and historic Korean culture with this meticulously designed game.

This game provides an exciting getaway, teleporting you to the luxurious setting of an Asian-themed casino that transports an authentic regional card game right to your screen.


The Seotda game set by CQ9 exhibits a gameplay that is both innovative and engaging. It follows the primary rules of the traditional Korean card game, Hwatu, where the goal is to obtain the best hand by gathering specific card combinations. The game has been expertly adapted for a casino environment, creating a refreshing change from familiar slots or card games.

Unlike typical card games, Seotda follows unique rules where a 2-card hand ranks higher than a 3-card hand, making it an exciting twist for the conventional player. The game allows single and multi-hand games which adds to the level of excitement and unpredictability.

In addition, the Seotda game by CQ9 ensures a seamless gaming experience with a user-friendly interface fully optimized for both desktop and mobile platforms. High-grade graphics and smooth transitions promise an enjoyable, hassle-free gaming session every time you play.

Bonus Features

When playing Seotda on Shazam Casino, players can look forward to entertaining bonus features that significantly elevate the gaming experience. The game offers multiple bonus opportunities that can turn the tables in your favor:

  • Double Seotda: A rare card combination that instantly declares the player the winner, regardless of what the banker holds.
  • Wild Cards: Certain cards are designated as 'wild' and can substitute any card to complete a winning combination.
  • Multi-Hand Betting: Accommodates risk-takers and casual players alike, allowing for bets on multiple hands simultaneously for multiplied winnings.
Operated by the trustworthy CQ9, rest assured that these bonus features are conducted fairly, adding a desirable layer of suspense and thrill to your gameplay.


The Seotda game by CQ9, available on Shazam Casino, is a refreshing addition to the roster of online casino games. With its unique blend of traditional Asian theme, innovative gameplay, and attractive bonus features, it promises an unmatched casino gaming experience.

Whether you're a novice player looking to try something different or an experienced gaming enthusiast seeking a challenge, Seotda delivers a level of engagement and excitement that is hard to match. Experience the thrill of this unique Asian card game at Shazam Casino today.

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