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The Soccer Strike game developed by Urgent games and offered at Shazam Casino is an enlightening gaming experience that transcends the conventional boundaries of casino gaming. As the name suggests, the game ingeniously amalgamate the thrilling world of soccer with the exciting realm of online casino gaming. Beautifully adorned with impressive graphic design and alluring animations presenting a soccer-themed interface, it manages to maintain its unique aesthetic of a football pitch, bringing the exhilaration of the beautiful game to your fingertips. Its vibrant colors, engaging sound effects, and realistic visuals serve to amplify the immersive experience.


  • In Soccer Strike, players are expected to predict the outcome of a virtual football match and bet accordingly to win. It's not only about luck but also about examining the performance and strategy of the virtual teams. The game refreshes with new matches frequently giving an endless supply of entertainment and opportunities to win.
  • Players can place their bets on a wide range of possibilities including the match outcome, number of goals, goal scorers, etc. Soccer Strike gives players a user-friendly interface, allowing them multi-bets placement for individual matches, thus contributing to a dynamic and adaptable gaming experience.
  • The game offers a diverse range of betting options, from low stakes to high stakes which can accommodate a broad spectrum of players. Through the interactive gaming interface, adjusting your bet size is as smooth as navigating through the details of virtual football matches.
  • Soccer Strike is 100% fair with its publicly auditable RNG system assuring that the outcomes of games are random and can't be manipulated, thus ensuring a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.

Bonus Features

The Soccer Strike game offers an array of enticing bonus features that make the gaming experience even more compelling. These bonuses are not only available to new players but are also extended to existing players. The most advantageous bonus feature is the 'Free Kick' bonus that grants free spins with each successful prediction, contributing to potential high rewards. Other features include the 'Penalty Shootout' bonus where players might win big upon successful penalty shots. Urgent games further spice things up by introducing periodic promotions, rewards, and competitions.


If you fancy taking a break from the traditional casino games and you’re a fan of football, Soccer Strike game at the Shazam Casino is definitely worth giving a shot. The game offers a unique mixture of sports and gambling, ensuring players an extraordinary experience. Along with its engaging gameplay, the game offers extraordinary bonus features that can lead to lucrative wins.

Urgent games did an exceptional job in developing Soccer Strike, a game that resonates with all levels of players. The easy-to-grasp betting rules, along with the provision of betting hints and tips feature, make this game user-friendly for both novice and seasoned players.

From the superb graphics to the thrilling gameplay and the incentive of lucrative bonus features, Soccer Strike offers a comprehensive gaming package that truly stands out among the regular casino games. Thus, Soccer Strike has what it takes to provide you with countless hours of entertainment while offering plenty of opportunities to hit the jackpot.

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