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From the moment you click to play, the 'Spooky Circus' teleports you into a supernatural world teeming with creepily cute characters and a chilling yet captivating atmosphere. The game's artwork is a perfect blend of creativity and uniqueness, with its creepy circus theme nailed spot-on. The backdrop design of a haunted house beneath a full moon represents a carnival from the netherworld, and this scenery is set to give players goosebumps.

The characters are the star of the show, whether it's a gloomy jester with a sinister grin or the grinning skeleton dressed as a ringmaster. Each design is detailed and gorgeously rendered. The sound effects aren't left out of the spooky fun either. The eerie circus music and ghostly sounds reverberating in the background make the game-play experience even more immersive and thrilling.


The 'Spooky Circus' is a 5-reel slot game designed to send chills down your spine and keep you entertained. Each symbol is intricately designed, reinforcing the spine-chilling theme. A match of 3 or more of these symbols on the reel unleashes exciting rewards, ensuring each play is fun-filled and rewarding.

The controls are user-friendly, providing a smooth navigation experience that even beginners can easily understand. The game offers an auto-spin feature, allowing you to sit back and watch the reels work their eerie magic. With the 'Spooky Circus', every spin is loaded with excitement and anticipation.

Bonus Features

The 'Spooky Circus' brings plenty of surprising bonus features that add an extra layer of thrill to your gameplay. Some of the exciting bonus features include:

  • Free Spins: Land three ghostly jester scatters on the reel, unlocking a free spin opportunity. This gives players the chance to boost their winnings without having to stake.
  • Wilds: The grinning skeleton dressed as a ringmaster acts as the game's wild, substituting any symbol except for the scatter. This increases your chances of wrapping up winning combinations.
  • Haunted Bonus Round: Haunted Bonus Round is a unique feature that sets this game apart. Players get to indulge in a mini-game, where they select from several spooky tents for a chance to reveal extra prizes.


'Spooky Circus', brought to you by Urgent Games, is an exhilarating gaming experience offered at Shazam Casino. This game boasts a creatively spooky theme, an engaging gameplay, and numerous bonus features to ensure you're constantly on the edge of your seat.

The game's haunting aesthetic combined with the possibilities of significant winnings makes this game appealing to both novices and seasoned players. For those seeking a bit of fright mixed with delightful surprises, 'Spooky Circus' is a must-play. After all, what's a circus without a little thrill?

If you're prepared to face the fun horror and excitement, step right into 'Spooky Circus'.

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