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Step back into the simplicity of childhood games with Bgaming's Heads And Tails game. This vividly animated casual casino game springs to life at Shazam Casino, boasting the charm of a traditional pastime we've all enjoyed. This brilliantly executed digital rendition of coin tossing will undoubtedly teleport you back to the light-hearted schoolyard days, yet with a fresh and exciting twist. With a down-to-the-details graphic representation, every flip of the coin is almost palpable. Don't let its simplicity fool you, Heads And Tails leverages Bgaming's skill for merging traditional gameplay with cutting-edge technology.


Heads And Tails casino game is straightforward, retaining its original charm while tactfully introducing complex betting options for a more engaging experience. Start straightforwardly. Decide on who you want as your outsider cheerleader, either Mr. Tiger or Mr. Monkey, who push you to either bet on heads or tails. After that, place your bet. You can place as low as 0.8 coins to up to 100 coins per flip, making it suitable for both those who play for fun and high-rollers. The coin is then flipped and lands, awarding appropriately. Bgaming keeps the game exciting with a surprise multiplier in place. Winning gives you the option to either collect your winnings or continue playing with the new "Risk It" feature, turning the classic game into a thrilling casino experience.

Bonus Features

The Heads And Tails game at Shazam Casino steps up the excitement level with its intrinsic bonus features. Here's a glimpse of what the game has to offer:

  • The Multiplier: While maintaining the simplicity of the original game, Bgaming enhances the drama by incorporating multipliers. You have the chance to take home twice your wager if Mr. Monkey gets it right with the Heads, or if Mr. Tiger hits it on reeling with Tails.
  • The Risk It Feature: This remarkable add-on feature allows victorious players to risk their winnings on a double or nothing bet. This adds to the thrilling casino experience and generates higher stakes.
  • Heads And Tails Double Screen: The game takes a unique route to fan engagement with this feature. In a bid to keep you more involved, you can view both screens of Mr. Monkey and Mr. Tiger at the same time.


Heads And Tails game at Shazam Casino brought to life by Bgaming, is a breath of fresh air in the gaming world. Despite its simplicity, it's loaded with plenty of enthralling elements to keep you glued and captivated. Unlike most casino games, Heads And Tails doesn't require any learning curve- the rules are delightfully simple, adding to the charm of this informal yet, rewarding casino offering.

With its enhanced gameplay, bonus features, and visually appealing graphics, Heads And Tails masterfully blends nostalgia with elements of modern, high-impact online gaming. The game provides a perfect blend of casual entertainment and thrilling gambling excitement. No doubt, it stands as a testament to Bgaming's innovative capability and Shazam Casino's commitment to providing top-tier gaming experiences. Take a break from the commonplace dynamics of online casino games and immerse yourself in the lighthearted fun of Heads And Tails; it's more than just a coin toss.

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