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Teen Patti Rapid is a lively and action-packed casino game developed and curated by Woohoo, a brand that needs no introduction in the online gaming world. This casino game, a popular product of the Shazam casino, is an electronic, faster variant of the classic Indian poker game, Teen Patti. It effectively combines the thrill of traditional Teen Patti with the comfort and convenience of online gaming, ensuring a unique experience for each player. The graphics are bright and vibrant, with a sleek user interface that encapsulates the real-feel of a casino. The theme could be described as stylishly Indian, in honour of its Teen Patti roots, injecting a fresh appeal to the international players.


Teen Patti Rapid game, powered by Woohoo, offers a comprehensive, intuitive, and straightforward approach to virtual poker that both beginners and seasoned players can enjoy. The game basis its structure on the conventional Teen Patti rules. Players are dealt three cards face down. The player bet is ranked on the value of these three cards in hand. The key aspect that stands out is the fast-paced nature, with each round lasting just a few minutes, hence the 'Rapid' in its name. It ensures non-stop, thrilling action throughout the game. Moreover, to ensure fair play and transparency, the game incorporates RNG (Random Number Generation) which makes for unbiased results.

The following are key features of the Teen Patti Rapid gameplay:

  • Three-card poker style of play
  • Rapid, quick-paced gaming rounds
  • Intuitive user interface and easy to understand game dynamics
  • Facility of RNG for fair gameplay

Bonus Features

In addition to its fun and fast gameplay, Teen Patti Rapid also boasts of some exciting bonus features. The most significant one being the 'Bonus Bet.' Here, players have a chance to multiply their winnings. This Bonus Bet is separate from the main game, allowing players to win based on the ranking of their poker hands, independently of the dealer's cards. This feature significantly increases the potential winnings, pumping up the excitement level multiple notch higher. Additionally, Woohoo has also provisioned a tempting 'Progressive Jackpot' in the Teen Patti Rapid game that accumulates over time, giving players the chance to win big. Nevertheless, to strike the jackpot, the players need to form a specific hand combination.


The Teen Patti Rapid game by Woohoo, standing at the forefront of Shazam casino's offerings, is undoubtedly an impressive fusion of traditional Indian Teen Patti and the speed of online casino gaming. With its swift gameplay, vibrant visuals, and enticing bonus features, it delivers a unique gaming experience that can capture the interest of both poker enthusiasts and casual players alike. Furthermore, the progressive jackpot keeps the thrill level high, enticing players back for more rounds. It’s a seamless game fit for both leisurely and lucrative fun, offering an entertaining twist to the classic poker. Ultimately, if you're a casino game lover in search of new exciting experiences, Teen Patti Rapid is definitely worth a shot.

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